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Welcome to Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s blog.  Written by current staff and students we aim to give an insight to what it’s really like to study here; offering helpful tips and answering questions for any potential students that are considering applying to Wrexham Glyndŵr.

Our posts range from information about your course and campus life to news and events happening in the local area. We’ll also cover some of the more national issues affecting the education sector.

Got any suggestions for the blog or just want to join in the conversation? Then tweet us at @glyndwruni using the hashtag #wgublog

Covid Vaccine

Covid 19 Vaccine: Questions Answered

There is widespread discussion regarding possible mutations and variants of the virus and concerns as to how effective these variants may or may not be against the vaccine. We asked Dr Neil Pickles, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs his expertise on virus mutations.

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The European Super League Debate: Lessons to learn for Football students

As the dust settles on the ESL debate, Chris Hughes - Football, Coaching and Performance Specialist Lecturer at Glyndwr University – has said it will be fascinating for students to study the events of a whirlwind few days in the game.

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Line of Duty

Pursuing a career in Forensic Science - Line of Duty

Millions across the nation have been glued to the TV each Sunday night for the past 6 weeks for one reason and one reason only: Line of Duty. Due to high action from the offset, gripping twists & turns, some serious cliff-hangers and a long glossary of acronyms, the show is reaching new peaks of popularity this Spring.

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Discovering history on our doorsteps

Our history lecturers Peter Bolton and Kathryn Ellis re-discover the historical spots around campus for Local Community and History Month.

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Students Take Part in Share a Story Month

Sharing stories with each other inspires, bonds and educates. To celebrate Share a Story Month, Laura Edwards asked some of our Creative Writing students to share their stories, and to tell us about the stories that inspire them.

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